5 things all men need to know about external care

Paying attention to external care is often associated with femininity. Still, men pay more and more attention to their appearance. Read 5 things you as a man should know about external care.  

1. Cleanse your skin

Your skin has to endure a lot every day due to the environment and weather. Many men only use water and a bar of soap to clean their face. Water is hydrophobic. This means that dirt on your skin does not adhere to water, so this will remain on your skin. In addition, only water cannot penetrate the skin. Furthermore, a bar of soap can also dry out your skin.  

The best replacement for soap and water is a face wash, also known as a facial cleanser. These types of products ensure that dirt, excess sebum and other dirt are removed from your skin. Facial cleanser often also contains fatty acids. These bind with water, which means that water can penetrate the skin. This way your facial skin will be cleaned better

The most important thing about a face wash is that it does not dry out the skin too much. That is why it is wise to choose a mild face wash, especially if you have dry skin.

2. Moisturize and protect your skin from the sun

One thing men often forget is not only to cleanse the skin but also to hydrate it. After cleansing, your skin may feel dry, so it is important to hydrate your skin with a moisturizer or day/night cream.

In addition, a moisturizer often offers good protection for your face. That is why dermatologists try to encourage the use of a moisturizer among men.

A moisturizer then ensures that your skin is sufficiently hydrated again. This way you keep the water balance of your face up to standard. This prevents annoying skin irritations. In addition, a moisturizer often also has an anti-aging effect. This way you as a man keep your face smooth and firm.

Protecting your skin from the sun is often underestimated. Are you actively sitting in the sun for more than 15 minutes? Then you are advised to protect your skin with a sunscreen.

UV radiation can leave a lot of harmful impacts. This is sometimes immediately noticeable, such as skin burn but often the effects of this only become apparent after a long time.

3. Natural shaving

Do you suffer from skin irritations during or after shaving? Try something other than shaving cream or gel. You can try to use essential oils for shaving. This can cause your skin to irritate less, making your skin feel better after shaving.

4. Don’t touch your own face

This is probably the weirdest thing on this list. Don’t touch your own face. Even though it often doesn’t feel that way, the skin on your hand is often very greasy.

These fats can end up on your face skin. Your pores can then become clogged and you will get pimples and other skin irritations.

5. Drinking, drinking, drinking

Drinking water is also very important for your external care. Water ensures that your skin stays in good condition.

The above 5 things should help you take better care of your facial skin. Many men still associate good personal care with femininity. This is a shame because proper care of facial skin can also offer you many benefits.

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