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About me

My name is Olena and I’m the person who is behind all the posts you are reading on this website.

I am Ukrainian, who lives in Malta. I moved to this small heaven on earth in the heart of Mediterranean in 2007. Shortly after that, I started to attend advanced make up courses, but as I always wanted to learn more about beauty industry for my own development and self-enrichment, soon enough I decided to go even further and to get education as a beauty therapist. And in 2010 I was happy to get my long-awaited ITEC Diploma for Beauty Specialist. The knowledge and skills I’ve gained during my course of study help me nowadays to look and feel my best, as I understand how the body works and how it responds to different beauty treatments. It also helps me to make better choices when shopping for beauty products.

The idea of creating this website had been a long time on my mind, but I encouraged myself to bring it to reality only in the end of 2014. The main purpose of keenonbeauty.com is to inspire women by giving tips on how to look and feel beautiful. I strongly believe that no matter what happens in life everyone seeks a peaceful oasis where one can de-stress and charge the batteries. Every time I write a post, I  wish keenonbeauty.com could be such an oasis for you.

If sharing my experience can be of any help, it will make me more than happy.

Sincerely yours,