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Chroma White TRx Pure Night by Dermalogica

Posted on: December 1st, 2014 by Olena No Comments

Chroma White TRx Pure Night by Dermalogica

I have been using this moisturiser for one month before writing this review. So, here is my impression of this night time treatment.

I believe one can benefit from it if the main problems of the skin are:

1. uneven skin tone
2. dry patches
3. ageing skin

1) I really liked that this moisturiser worked like a brightening night treatment and the next morning my skin always looked “awakened” and refreshed. Besides, after 2 weeks of using this cream I noticed that the freckles on my face became a bit lighter than the freckles around my eyes. So, the moisturiser did make the difference in my skin tone.

2) This moisturiser hydrated my skin well without making it look greasy (my skin type is combination). It went on smoothly and was absorbed quickly. At time I started to use this night cream I had some dry patches on my forehead and cheeks and this moisturiser helped me to hydrate them very well (in the morning I was using “Wild Rose Smoothing Day Cream” by Weleda) and after some time I got rid of all dry patches.

3) As for the anti-ageing benefits, this moisturiser contains powerful ingredients, like gluconic acid and such antioxidants as liquorice, white tea, and beta-carotene, they fight against free radicals and hyperpigmentation. Moreover, jojoba, cranberry, raspberry oils and already mentioned beta carotene help to protect skin against moisture loss and environmental damage. So, all these things are very beneficial for ageing skin.

I used this moisturiser after “Daily Microfoliant” by Dermalogica, as together they give better brightening results.

So, my overall conclusion is – Chroma White moisturiser did make the visible difference to my skin and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has the same skin problems like I’ve mentioned above. In spite it is quite expensive, I believe this product is worth the price. I think this night cream + microfoliant by Dermalogica are especially great for autumn-beginning of winter, as they help to renew and restore the skin after summer time. Wonderful products for a pampering beauty treatment!

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