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Cuti-Lips by Leighton Denny

Posted on: July 9th, 2015 by Olena No Comments


I was suffering from flaky and easy to break nails until I purchased Cuti-Lips Balm by Leighton Denny. For the last few years it is probably the most effective treatment I’ve used, as nowadays my nails are healthy and strong. And the most I like is that “Cuti-Lips” shows good results quickly.

General description:

The consistency of the balm is very thick, it contains 10 g. but as you need a tiny amount per nail, it lasts for a very long time. The drawback is the packaging. I have to use a small spatula to get the balm out of the jar, that’s why I never carry it around in my hand bag, but keep it on my bedside table. Spatula is essential, as when you try to take the balm with your finger, it goes under your nail, which is annoying.

Some tips how to use the balm:

1. Cut all the flaky tips of the nails or buff a flaky layer off before you start using the balm, as in spite it makes magic, it does not work as glue and it will never stick a separating layer back to the nail plate. All it does is promoting a healthy grow of your nails and adds a lot of moisture, which helps to keep all the layers of the nail plate together, making it stronger.

2. Apply the balm before bed time. It will take its time to work while you are sleeping. You can also apply it during the day if you want but keep in mind that when you wash your hands, soap is partially removing the balm from your nails, while at night you give the balm a chance to work for hours, which increases the moisturizing effect.

3. The results are visible in a very short time, just after few applications. But to keep the results the balm has to be used on a regular basis, only the consistency is the key to strong and healthy nails. I started with 2 applications, in a few days I decreased it to 1 application. Nowadays I apply it either once a day or sometimes in a day.

On the package it says “softens and protects cuticles and lips”:

As for softening cuticles, the balm does its work, but it all depends what manicure you usually make. If you just need to push the cuticle back, the balm might be good for you. But if you cut the cuticle, you may prefer a different consistency of the product, more creamy-watery rather than rich and oily. For example, I love a cuticle cream by “Skin Truth” and use it for years whenever I cut cuticle. And “Cuti-Lips” I use as a nail moisturizing treatment after the manicure is done to maintain the results till my next manicure.

As for softening lips, I was not impressed by its work. It contains mint, so it gives a tingling sensation, which lasts for a few minutes and gives a feeling of fuller lips. The scent is also pleasantly minty but that’s it. Probably the balm might be better for protection rather than for moisturizing and healing lips. I used it only once or twice just to try it as a lip balm but was not encouraged to use it further as a lip product.


As for the ingredients, among others it contains avocado oil (=persea gratissime oil, it is on the 1st place in the ingredients list) and sweet almond oil (=prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, on the 4th place), both are excellent for the nails. Also, there is phenyl trimethicone in the ingredients list and silicone is known for helping to trap the moisture. There are some nail and cuticle creams/balms on the market, which are full of different oils and natural ingredients and they may perfectly moisturize, but after some time you see that cuticles and nails are dry again and you need to reapply the product. That’s why I think it is a good idea to include a silicone in a nail product, as it truly makes a difference, the nails stay moisturized for longer and you do not need to reapply the product multiple times.

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