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How to choose a moisturising nail care product

Posted on: July 20th, 2015 by Olena No Comments

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Nowadays there are plenty of different moisturizing nail care products on the market. Companies try to impress customers by a number of exotic oils, extracts, vitamins and other stuff. Many people think that the more natural ingredients a product contains, the better it will be for the nails. But it does not always work that way, the quantity of natural ingredients is not what you have to look for. All you need to know are the key ingredients.

1) Carrier oil delivers other moisturizing ingredients to the nail matrix (it is where the cells of your nails are produced). Make sure it is on the 1st place in the ingredients list. One of the best is Jojoba Oil (expensive), other very good and widely used are Almond Oil and Avocado Oil; both are highly penetrative and provide intensive nourishment for the nails.

2) Moisturizing ingredients should be in the very beginning of the list, preferably in the first 5. It is better if they are not only good moisturizers but also have additional benefits, for example being antioxidants. One of the best in nail care products are Cocoa Seed Butter and Shea Butter.

3) As for Vitamins, deficiency in some of them do cause nail problems but I have my doubts that only topical application will improve the condition. Do not have high hopes for Vitamins in a moisturizing nail care product; they won’t make miracles if you do not get essential vitamins with food or supplements.

4) Silicone traps the moisture in the skin. When it is added to a nail care product, the nails stay moisturized for longer and you do not need to reapply a product multiple times. Beeswax is also known for keeping moisture in the skin, though to my opinion silicone usually does a better job.

5) There is no need to go for exotic oils. Sometimes the price of exotic oil is high not because this oil is better than others, but because it is more time consuming to produce. Well-known Sunflower Seed Oil is excellent for dry nails and does not cost a fortune.

6) Petrolatum is often added to nail care products; even though it is not an ingredient you have to look for, there is surely no reason to be put off because a nail care product contains it. Nonetheless, if you prefer a natural alternative, go for coconut oil instead. They both work as emollients in nail care products, softening the skin and reducing water loss.

Oil, balm or a cream?

Balms and oils are deeply nourishing, leave an oily residue and take time to be absorbed, they are excellent for night care.

Creams are usually less nourishing than oils and balms, leave matte finish on the nails, good for being used on the go.

If to choose between a cream for hands and nails and a cream for nails and cuticles, I would recommend the latter one, as the moisturizing ingredients in a hand cream may be good for skin but often not nourishing enough for dry or brittle nails.

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