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Micelle Solution by Bioderma

Posted on: March 16th, 2015 by Olena No Comments

Micelle Solution by BiodermaI believe “Bioderma” made an excellent advertisement and promotion throughout You Tube, as it seems every beauty blogger has this cleanser and they indirectly influence others to buy it just by keep mentioning it all the time. And after some hesitation I was influenced to buy it as well. I thought “If so many people have it, it HAS TO BE good!”

Recently micelle solutions became very popular cleansers mostly because:
1) they are very quick and easy to use, as they are non-rinsing
2) they are very mild, do not contain SLS, which is believed to be good for sensitive skin and also for the skin’s PH balance.

In spite I bought Bioderma for removing makeup, I ended up using it mostly as a cleanser when I don’t wear any make up. It is especially good when my skin feels slightly dehydrated and I don’t feel like to wash my face with water. It is really very comfortable and quick to use. Bioderma makes the skin very smooth, soft and pleasant to the touch. I can easily “forget” to apply my moisturiser, as it leaves the skin in a very good condition. I know that sometimes people complain that they have a sticky feeling after they apply micelle solution and they have to wash a face afterwards. Bioderma (I’m using the one for sensitive skin) does not leave a sticky film on my face at all. Also, I use it very often as a toner.

As for removing make up, Bioderma does its work, but I need a lot of the product to remove full makeup. Unfortunately this solution is not as efficient as I would like it to be. Some months ago I bought Premier Model Skin Makeup Remover by MONU and it is so much better in removing make up, as it dissolves it easier than Bioderma.

Moreover, after I use Bioderma as a makeup remover, it leaves red patches on my face and red skin around my eyes (notice, I am using the one for sensitive skin). After few minutes the redness passes away, but anyway I do not expect the micelle solution to cause any irritation. It is interesting that it happens only when I remove makeup and it never happens if I use it on the bare skin.

Though Bioderma has its pros and cons, my first impression of this product was “well, not bad… yet surely overhyped”. But as it was my first micelle solution ever, I will have to try other products to understand either Bioderma is really worth its price, as comparatively to other micelle solutions Bioderma is more on expensive side.

Update: I don’t know how I have been living without micelle cleansers before. I tried other cheaper micelle solutions (Vichy and Garnier) and they perfectly do the same job. The only difference between them and Bioderma (or some other high end micelle solutions) is that more expensive products contain soothing skin care ingredients and plant extracts, but in terms of cleansing they are all very similar. I still don’t use a micelle solution as a makeup remover, but it is perfect to cleanse a face in the morning or in the middle of the day before applying make up. Really love this type of a cleanser now. Highly recommend.

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