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Premier Model Skin Cleanser and Eye Make-up Remover by MONU

Posted on: January 5th, 2015 by Olena No Comments

Premier Model CleanserFrankly speaking, I had never heard about this brand before and it was quite a blind purchase. I just needed a make up remover and this one was on a discount, so I picked it up. But afterwards, I was so glad that I’d made this choice, as it removes eye make-up so easily, like a dream!

Recently I was using “Bioderma”, which was OK, but I still couldn’t fully understand all the hype around this product. And probably it is not proper to compare these two products together, as they are different types of cleansers, but I find that Premier Model Skin cleanser is more efficient than Bioderma (though Bioderma has its own benefits as well).

Whenever it goes about any cleanser, I mostly need 3 things: to be effective, efficient and suitable for sensitive skin. Premier Cleanser fully meets my requirements. Besides, it is travel-friendly, as one product can be used as a make up remover (both for a face and eyes) and as a cleanser in the morning. So when you travel, you don’t need to take three different products with you.

Though, in spite it is a decent face cleanser, I’m mostly impressed with it as an eye make-up remover, as it cleanses very quickly and effectively. I massage it directly into the skin around my eyes and then I remove it with a damp cotton pad. The cleanser dissolves make-up so well and quickly that full eye makeup can be removed with only 2 cotton pads and 1 cotton bud (that’s 2-3 times less than I needed when using micelle solution by Bioderma).

When I use this cleanser to remove foundation, I massage it into dry skin until the milky texture dissolves, then I remove it with a damp cotton pad and rinse it off with water. I repeat it twice. In spite it does not leave my skin greasy, it still needs to be followed with a toner, as I never feel that it is 100% removed with just water. Afterwards, my skin looks clean and feels fresh.

When I use this cleanser in the morning, I apply it to a wet face, massage and rinse it off. It does not dry out and keeps my skin soft and hydrated. I like to use it mostly when my skin is normal/combination but in summer when my skin starts to be oily I switch to my all-time favourite cleanser for oily skin – Gentle Foaming Cleanser by Clarins.

Premier Model cleanser has very good ingredients, like jojoba oil (heals damaged skin, provides anti-inflammatory benefits), Shea butter (antioxidant, soothes and softens the skin), Evening Primrose oil (prevents dryness and maintains elasticity) and Rosa Canina fruit oil (antioxidant). Also there are such vitamins as Vitamin A (antioxidant, anti-aging), Vitamin B5 (promotes a healthy moisture balance), Vitamin E (antioxidant). Moreover, it is paraben-free.

The only complain I have is the package of the cleanser. I just don’t like this kind of caps, which you need to twist for the product to go out from the middle of the cap. It is also made out of hard plastic, which is not easy to squeeze. I wish they changed the design of the package. But overall, the product is great.

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