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“Special” Eye Contour Balm by Clarins

Posted on: December 16th, 2014 by Olena No Comments

Special eye balm by ClarinsI have been using “Special” Eye Contour Balm by Clarins for the last two years.

The eye cream has a rich consistency, but it does not feel heavy and it is quickly absorbed.

The packaging is excellent. I wish all eye creams were packed in tubes like this balm. Moreover, it contains 20ml while majority of other eye creams contain less. And as you need very little to apply, it seems like the packaging is bottomless and the balm is never finishing.

Mostly, I am using the balm during cold season when my skin is drier than usual. Though, sometimes I do apply it in the morning during any other season, as it prepares my skin very well for applying makeup. The balm hydrates the eye contour so good that the fine lines look smoother when I apply an under eye concealer. Before applying the balm, I warm it between fingertips and only then slightly press around my eyes. Whenever I use it, I make sure I apply the balm only once a day, as when I use it too often it makes my eyes puffy with time, probably because it is too rich.

“Special” Eye Contour Balm visibly helps to minimise crow’s feet and it softens under eye wrinkles, but it does not reduce puffiness. And as for smoothing away dark circles, it gives only an optical illusion of slightly brighter skin (probably because it contains mica and some other pigment ingredients), but it does not improve/lighten irregular pigmentation or in my case freckles.

I believe that the balm is best for those who are 20-30 years old, as mostly it moisturisers and improves the very first signs of aging. But as the balm lacks a good blend of skin repairing ingredients, I would not recommend it to elder people.

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