The Impact of Winter on the Skin


What impact do these cold temperatures have on your skin. This is described in the blog below. We also give 5 tips so you can prevent dry skin this winter.

What is different in the winter

A part from the fact that the temperature decreases during the winter, the humidity is also a lot lower. This makes your skin dry out a lot faster.

Your body also functions less well at low temperatures. This also applies to your skin. The sebaceous glands produce less sebum (skin fat) at low temperatures. Tallow provides a protective layer on the skin. Because less sebum is produced the skin is protected less. This can cause more dry skin and skin irritation. Continue reading “The Impact of Winter on the Skin”

What to do about wrinkles?

about wrinkles

The first wrinkles start to develop between the ages of 25 and 30. Unfortunately for us men, we get wrinkles faster than women (according to research from Erasmus MC Rotterdam). In addition, wrinkles in men are often deeper than in women. Wrinkles are part of the aging process that we all go through.

Yet you can do a lot to reduce wrinkles. Below you can read exactly what wrinkles are how they occur and what you can do about them. Continue reading “What to do about wrinkles?”