5 things all men need to know about external care

external care

Paying attention to external care is often associated with femininity. Still, men pay more and more attention to their appearance. Read 5 things you as a man should know about external care.  

1. Cleanse your skin

Your skin has to endure a lot every day due to the environment and weather. Many men only use water and a bar of soap to clean their face. Water is hydrophobic. This means that dirt on your skin does not adhere to water, so this will remain on your skin. In addition, only water cannot penetrate the skin. Furthermore, a bar of soap can also dry out your skin.   Continue reading “5 things all men need to know about external care”

What to do about wrinkles?

about wrinkles

The first wrinkles start to develop between the ages of 25 and 30. Unfortunately for us men, we get wrinkles faster than women (according to research from Erasmus MC Rotterdam). In addition, wrinkles in men are often deeper than in women. Wrinkles are part of the aging process that we all go through.

Yet you can do a lot to reduce wrinkles. Below you can read exactly what wrinkles are how they occur and what you can do about them. Continue reading “What to do about wrinkles?”