Why is drinking enough water important for your skin?

It is already well known that drinking enough water is good for you. But what is the contribution of drinking water to good looking skin? In this blog, we summarize all the benefits for you.

Avoid dry spots on your skin

Your body has a number of places that are prone to dehydration. Think for example of lips, hands and the skin of your face. You will soon notice this, especially in winter. The cold weather ensures that your skin dries out extra quickly. Dry skin can also develop further into skin irritations.

An extra tip: what many people do is do water/saliva on dry skin or lips so that it becomes moister. This seems to help in the beginning, but eventually, it will only make it drier. Water that comes on your skin will not absorb your skin but will evaporate again. Always try to drink enough water or use a moisturizing cream or moisturizer.

Improve the moisture storage

Moisture is stored under the skin. If your skin retains a lot of moisture, your skin will appear slightly ‘fuller’. The result of this is that you get firmer and firmer skin and that wrinkles will be less visible. This problem can not only be remedied with drinking water, but also with a moisturizing cream.

Clean your body and prevent skin irritations

Drinking enough water is also very important for cleansing the entire body. Your kidneys filter your blood for waste and toxins. You then urinate these substances. If you do not drink enough water every day, these substances will be filtered less quickly and they will accumulate in your body. By eliminating these substances you reduce the risk of pimples and skin irritations.

How much water do I have to drink per day?

The answer to this question, of course, differs per person, but usually, it is 2 to 2.5 liters per day. This may sound a lot, but if you drink dosed water during the day, it is not so bad. It is also no problem just to drink tap water. In the Netherlands, tap water is of high quality and also contains many minerals!

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